Monday, July 28, 2008

Goodbye Sweet Andorian

Above are a bunch of sketches from a recent project. Shown are four different ways of interrupting a story about a kid and his yellow balloon. Some are better than others I think. Feel free to let me know which one you like (without knowing anything about the tone of the story...which I guess makes it a bit difficult).

I dragged my wife back to the theater last weekend to see the new "X-Files" flick. Overall I can't honestly call it a "bad" movie, because it was pretty decent for the most part. My only issue with it is that it came across like little more than any random episode I could have seen on television. Everything from the look, to the story just seemed a bit "ho-hum" for my taste.

Work on my children's novel, which I have finally decided is going to be called "Forts" is coming along nicely. My wife loves it so much that she insists I attempt to write at least two chapters a day because she wants to know what happens. Though I think her blind admiration of is a bit tainted by the fact that she's my wife, her level of excitement is actually helping me to maintain mine...which means I might actually FINISH this one!

Lastly a recently purchased Andorian Star Trek figure I bought in Vegas broke on me over the weekend. I was trying to pose him in positions he simply wasn't made to be posed in and paid the highest price possible for it.

I've started absent-mindedly chewing on his severed arm, which has helped me deal with loss somewhat.



Anonymous said...

I recall the video of you posing action figures... all 9 minutes of it.
Trust me, your figurine is happy he won't be put in any more precarious positions.

I am a fan of picture #3, or picture #1 if it is geared more towards older kids.

Sorry for your loss, Bucko.

Steve Novak said...

Eh, it's okay, the Andorian served me well for a brief period of time. He sat on a ledge in my office and annoyed my lovely wife with his merely existing.

What more could I ask?

His bulb burned brightly, even if it didn't burn for terribly long. ;)


Alicia said...

Like a candle in the wind...

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