Monday, July 21, 2008

Some Monday Morning Dutch Soccer

Another Monday morning has arrived!

Actually, I guess I shouldn't have finished that sentence with an exclamation point. Maybe it should have read more like this:

Another Monday morning has

Yep, that feels much more appropriate.

The above sketch features a few caricatures of Dutch soccer players. Do I know anything about Dutch soccer? No. Do I even know anything about the sport of soccer in general? Not really, no. We do what we can to get paid though.

I dragged my wife to the very first showing of "The Dark Knight" on Friday morning last week. It was at 9:00 in the morning, and I wanted to get there early so she had to get up and out of bed around 7:00 to go and see a movie she had no interest in seeing.

The woman really does love me.

She actually ended up liking it though, as did I, and my inner nerdiness was fulfilled for the day, so I suppose all is well that ends well.

Until this Friday that is...when I do the very same thing to her in order to see "The X-Files."



Alicia said...

Christian Bale is hot. To bad he's a mother/sister beater.

Steve Novak said...

You know what else is hot?



Steve Novak said...
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Anonymous said...

Joel Mchale on THE SOUP is totally hot, Steve! Good call!