Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Forts Sketches

Last night, after becoming bored with paying work (which is something my wife says REALLY needs to stop happening) I took a little break and sketched some of the characters from the children's novel I'm currently writing.

I would say that I'm about halfway though the story, which I think I may have to extend out to a second book in order to tell properly. Thus far, I like what I've written - which is weird because I'm usually my toughest critic.

This is either a good thing, or a very, very bad thing. Only time will tell I suppose.



Alicia said...

I smell a success.
But then again, my nose is rarely reliable.

FAVREAU said...

Nice sketches - I like the guy on the left, nice detail there. Your book sounds interesting! :O)

Steve Novak said...

alicia said... "I smell a success.
But then again, my nose is rarely reliable."

Which explains why you once ate that piece of poop.


Steve Novak said...

chrissy fanslau said... "Your book sounds interesting! :O)"

Thanks Chrisy! Hopefully "interesting" translates to "good" for me in this case. ;)


FAVREAU said...

Yes, definitely "interesting" as in "good" Steve! :O)

BTW I nominated you for an award - visit my blog for all the details, won't you? :O)

Steve Novak said...

Thanks Chrissy! I appreciate the mention!


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