Thursday, January 16, 2014


People have been reading Megan, and for the most part, they seem to be liking it.

Who knew?

I'm currently working on the sequel. Maybe trying to work on it is a better way to phrase it. Wait, actually trying to get started on trying to work on it is actually more accurate.

Things are moving pretty slowly.

I'll have it done by fall. I promise. I won't let all three of you down.

In the meantime I put together a short story that fits into the Breadcrumbs world. It's a bit different from Megan, darker, a bit more subversive. It's told from the perspective of Bloodboots, who by all accounts, isn't that great a guy. He doesn't look at the world the same way as Megan, or even Blueeyes. He's a little nasty and a lot gross.

You'll hate him.

You'll get to learn just a little about the world before everything went sour, how Travis made his living, a whole lot about his little brother Patrick, and what drove him to become what he ultimately became.

This one is available only as an ebook and it's cheap.

It's really cheap.

It's $0.99.

Which is pretty cheap.

If you liked Megan and want to hang out in the world a little more, give it a read. Even if you hate it you're only out $0.99. That's nothing. You can't even buy a Snickers with that.


If you feel like snagging a copy for your Kindle, click HERE

Want to learn a little more about the series, click HERE

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