My name is Steven.

You can call me Steve if you like, but I can't promise it won't result in a knuckle sandwich.

I'm a writer, illustrator, graphic designer, product designer, and any other sort of designer you'd like me to be if you're willing to toss a few bucks my way. I am the author/illustrator of the FORTS series of novels, the writer/illustrator of the BAD GUYS webcomic, and the co-host of a weekly podcast called BEARDED SCRUTINY as well as the co-creator of CHOOSE OR DIE.

Further information on myself and the stuff I do can be found on my website, NOVAKILLUSTRATION

If you'd like to stalk me, I can also be found on the usual hubs:


This is a picture of me

It's okay to get in touch with me. I won't bite. As you might have guessed knuckle sandwiches are my preferred method of attack.