Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Webcast Beacon Blind Date

About a month ago I signed up to take part in an interesting little exercise over at the Webcomic Beacon. Basically I was paired up with a random writer and we were asked to put together a little something webcomic(y) in honor of Valentie's Day.

David Tulloch of Virtually Comics was tossed in my way, he tossed a few script ideas my way, and we banged this little gem out.

 Maybe "banged it out" was the wrong way to word that. 

In any case, it was all said and done I was left sweaty and spent and I needed a cigarette. Also, feel free to head over to Dave's website and the Webcast beacon site by clicking the links above as well.


1 comment:

David Tulloch said...

Of course, the Webcast Beacon guys mislaid the page and didn't post it at first, then when they finally did they linked to the wrong sites, and used those wrong links in their podcast -- so it didn't generate much in the way of traffic. But it was a pleasure to meet (virtually) and work with you, and the page looks fantastic. :-)