Saturday, January 29, 2011


The Forts series has found a new home!

More than likely you’re silently saying to yourself, “Oh that’s too bad. It must not have sold well. That poor, poor man.”

Let me assure you, that’s not the case – far from it in fact. The choice to continue the series with someone else was actually mine and mine alone. I never signed a contract for the series as a whole and after my experience with the first book there was no way that was going to happen. It wouldn’t have been the right choice.

I don’t see any reason to go into the details of the “breakup” (for now), but I will say that Forts is moving to greener, less frustrating, and far more professional pastures.

So what does this all mean to you?

Well, it means that the copy of “Fathers and Sons” you no doubt have sitting in a place of prominence on your bookshelf – or next to the crapper, either way. That copy of Forts will very soon be an out of print collectors edition!

That’s right, I said collectors edition and I meant it!

Will you be able to sell it on ebay to pay the rent? Eh, I wouldn’t count on that.

Will you be able to trade it for a pack of gum and maybe a Butterfinger bar? Yep, I think you might be able to pull that off.

Still, your copy is special now. It’s unique. If you sent it to me to get autographed it’s even more unique. You own it, some other people own it, but no one else is ever going to own it – ever. That’s pretty cool, no?

For those of you that haven’t got your hands on a copy yet, a second edition print version of the book will be arriving with a brand new cover before you know it. (Probably within the next few months in fact.) Along with the print version, the book will FINALLY make its way to e-readers everywhere! (This is long overdue.)

Oh, all those editing flubs the original publisher left in – you know, the ones that caused the sentence “This could have been a fantastic book if it had a good editor” to appear in nearly every review. Thankfully those are going to be fixed up for the second edition.

For those of you waiting patiently for “Liars and Thieves,” right around the time the second edition arrives book two is going to hit the shelves! It’s a heck of a lot later than was originally planned, but I’m hoping it’ll be worth the wait.

The nonsense of the past is in the past and hopefully that’s where it’s going to stay. Writing has officially picked up again on the final book in the series and I’m probably only 40,000 words or so from finishing it up.

Forts has a new home, and this is a good thing.

Scratch that and revise: Forts has a new home, and it’s a giggity-great thing.

It’s better than a steaming hot pizza and a tub of ice cream served to you by Rosario Dawson in a French maid’s outfit.

Okay, maybe it’s not that good…

It’s still pretty fantastic though.



Anonymous said...

Gad yer funny! Congrats, Novak! That's wonderful and well deserved:)

MrRyanO said...

So basically you are saying that the value of my 1st edition Forts book has doubled!

I'm buying a cheeseburger!

Congrats Steve! and I look forward to reading part 3 someday!



FAVREAU said...

Very funny post, but that's not unusual. =) Congrats on the books, glad they are doing so well!

Middle Child said...

Middle Chid here - Was looking through old bookmarks and found your blog - Your art is even better now - - I was rearranging some books and found your Goats eat cans book - such a long time ago now - published my own book last year but not a happy read - caused some curry with the health department though - hope alls well with you and yours

Alicia said...

Mister Novak. You have come a long way from the blogging dare on Myspace.
Congratulations my friend.


Steve Novak said...

@ANONYMOUS - Thank you much! I'm not that funny though. Less John Belushi and more Jim Belushi.

@ROCKDOG - That's exactly what I'm saying. So maybe it's worth four bucks. I think that'll buy a cheeseburger. At McDonalds, maybe.

@CHRISSY - Thanks, Chrissy!

@MIDDLECHILD - Gah...Goats Eat Cans. Burn that thing. Burn it and poop on the ashes. Burn it now! ;)

Congrats on the book! I'll have to head over to your blog to get some info.

ALICIA - No I haven't. Thanks anyway though! ;)