Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Project, New Sketch, Same Old Me

Not a whole heck of a lot to report today. The above concept sketch is from a recent project I picked up recently. Guy watches bird, giant dinosaur watches guy - fairly simple concept, no?

I hit a brick wall in the writing of my novel last night. Suddenly everything that I write is little more than a pile of poop, stacked on top of another pile of poop. Hopefully taking a few days away from it will clear my head and help me finish this thing. I've started so many novels in the past and have ALWAYS had problems when coming down the home stretch. Some of them I ended up finishing, but absolutely hating, while others I never touched again. I really would like to finish this one - so I need to get my act together.

In other wonderful news I have this weird thing growing on my eyelid. It sort of looks like a zit, but not really - it's a bit more like Quato from "Total Recall." I keep waiting for it to grow arms and tell me that I need to "start the reactor," but it hasn't happened yet.



Anonymous said...

Yowza. I hope the eyelid thing gets better soon.

Maybe you could incorporate that into your novel... you know, a giant physical hurdle for your character to overcome.. possibly by plastic surgery.

Hey, it would sell like hot-cakes in L.A.
(wait... do people in L.A even eat hot-cakes?)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, also...
I've been reading your blogs and reading your books for 2 years now!

I think there are big things in store for your career. Big things I tell you. :)

Happy friendiversary Mister Novak!!
(wasn't that uber cheesy?)

Steve Novak said...

No one outside of the deepest, coldest parts of Minnesota has used the words "hot cakes" in at least twenty years.

Just sayin'.

"Friendiversary" is in fact cheesy, yes...funny, but cheesy.

Also, your ideas of my success have been grossly overestimated. ;)


Alicia said...

Yeah, maybe it has been.

But as your number two fan I shall never give up hope for your career.