Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Busy Wednesday

It's going to be a very busy Wednesday for me. I've got a lot of work to do and will most likely spend the vast majority of my day hunched over my drawing table in my dark studio with the blinds drawn. I won't take a shower until well after lunch which will make my hair slimy, and my skin greasy, and my teeth still covered with that pasty morning tooth film for most of the day.

That's right...I'm a bridge troll.

I'd tell you to "ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS THREE" before you continue reading, but I'm much to busy to come up with three questions, so instead I'll just wave you through.

The above sketch is yet another rough from the very same recent project the last rough was produced for.



Anonymous said...

Steve! I was going through my blog links and was surprised that your blog was gone. You're a hard guy to find! what happened with the other blog?

Steve Novak said...

Hey! The other blog was dumped...well...over a year ago, which would make you just a wee bit slow on the uptake. ;)

Actually I got rid of it because some of the stuff I was writing about was actually doing more harm than good to my career, so I closed up shop.

I really just use this new one as a promotional tool for my illustration. The stories are a lot less interesting, much fewer in number, and a whole lot more family friendly. ;)

Nice to hear from you again!