Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Monster Illustration Done

I was able to put the ol' kibosh on this piece in just a couple of days. It's strange how one piece can take me hour upon hour to finish off, while another (with pretty much the same amount of work) can get finished in two days.

Usually getting paid makes me speed things up a bit, but I didn't earn a single dollar for this one, so who knows?



Alicia said...

It's been a flippin year since I've seen anything posted by you, Mister Novak.
This is a breath of oddly stale, somewhat fresh air.

See ya,

Steve Novak said...

Hey Alicia,

I really only started this place because a lot of illustrators are using blogs as a marketing tool these days, so I figured why not. Get my stuff out there, maybe find some more work. Surprisingly it's done just that. Go figure, I managed to do something right for once. ;)

Hope all is well with you and yours,


Alicia said...

Well, you are uber talented and I still think you'll be something big someday.