Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Zombie T-Shirts

The last couple weeks have been EXTREMELY hectic as I've had a surprising amount of product design work coming in, as well as a few other time intensive things. I'm expecting stuff to die down a bit over the next couple of weeks, which is good because I can use the extra time to get some work done on some other projects I have going. I'm actually working on a submission to zuda comics believe it or not (I'll post some scans on Friday maybe) and hopefully I can get some of that done this week.

This week I put threw up a couple zombie t-shirt designs I kind of did on a whim over at and I've gotten a surprising response.

Someone (who apparently has even less sense in style than I do) even bought the hippie one.

Anyway, I already have three more in the sketch phase and I think all three of them completely blow away the two I've done so far.

I'm digging drawing dead people.

Maybe a job in the morgue is in my future?


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Unknown said...

Hey Steve! I draw things too. Thank you for your awesome zombie t-shirt designs. They are pretty sweet.