Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Work Finished - Bird Watcher

I put the kibosh on this piece at around 1AM while sitting in my darkened home office watching MST3K on DVD, and listening to my wife snore loudly in the next room.

Life is a wondrous and splendid thing, is it not?

Some good news is that after a bit of a hiatus from my novel, I dove back into it yesterday. I think the time away from it did me good. Recharged the batteries. I'm on the homestretch now, and hopefully I'll be finished with my first draft of this thing in a month or so!



Alicia said...

Okay, I have a new game plan for your career.
A Memoir!
It's genius, really...

Your writing style is somewhere between David Sedaris and Augustan Burroughs. I think a publisher would be crazy not to offer you a deal.

Just think... you could have Oprah's next book club book...

Now wouldn't that make YOU uncomfortable, Mister Unsocial-Pants.

Steve Novak said...

Wait, so you want a thirty year old man, who hasn't really done anything of note as of yet to write a memoir?

I should reach through this screen and slap you. ;)


Alicia said...

David Sedaris never did anything interesting and he wrote a memoir... several of the actually.

See, the most uninteresting of people becomes the narrator and tells of his family's oddities.

It's clever.