Thursday, May 8, 2008

Zuda Rejection

Today I received my rejection letter from zuda comics regarding my webcomic submission. It was your basic "thanks for submitting" sort of thing. If I hadn't already received about ten million of them in my somewhat short illustration career I would be upset, luckily at this point in my career rejection letters are about as "fresh and new" as the high top fade.

Because I am completely incapable of simply leaving the story hanging I've decided to go ahead and update it and continue the story when I get the time.

Click the link above if you're interested or possibly just bored and give it a read.



Alicia said...

for the record- my 6 year old digs PEN MAN... however inappropriate that may be, and he actually requested the new one when it comes out.

You have a real fan at our house.

Unknown said...

I wish you luck.

Steve Novak said...

"and he actually requested the new one when it comes out."

I've actually finished drawing all 100 or so pages of the new one, but the coloring and text is moving along at a snails pace, so he's going to have to wait a little while.

Haha! Your son likes Pen Man! (That embarrassing for you) ;)


Steve Novak said...

mary balfanz said...

"I wish you luck."

Thanks Mary, best of luck to you as well.


Alicia said...

No, what's embarrassing is that your freakin books occupy more space on my shelves than I care to admit.

Oh, and one of them occupies space on the back of Chris's toilet.
So know that when Chris is dropping off the kids at the pool (poop joke) he is reading FICTIONAL JERKS. Maybe it inspires him to poo. ;)

Steve Novak said...

alicia said...

"Maybe it inspires him to poo. ;)"

Alrighty...there's an image I didn't need. ;)