Thursday, March 20, 2008

Work in Progress - Update

I was able to get a little work done on the above monster piece over the last couple days, though it required me to get little to no sleep in order to do it.

Sleep is a luxury anyway, right?


Or, wait, no...I'm thinking of an expensive car.

Silly me.



Verdant Earl said...

Hey Steve!

Old, as in ancient, reader from your long-lost blog. I was checking some of your work out on Red Bubble and I saw that you had a new blog. Well done!

Congrats, and I hope everything is Cool and the Gang with you and yours.


Steve Novak said...

Everything is indeed cool and the gang with me and mine Earl, thanks. Good to hear from you. This is more of a "business" blog than anything I guess. No four letter words to be found here (though poop is a four letter word I guess.) The old blog was honestly doing my business more harm than good so I had to pack it up and call it a day.

Hope everything is cool and the gang with you and yours (I'm not very creative, so I just copied you)